A warm hearted wedding on a train in a snowy night

A hideous storm hit the southern part of Shanxi.

Heavy snow falls causing roads to shut down and transportations delayed.

A marriage ceremony for a young man Xu Zhou from Shanxi province looked as though it will be postponed inevitably.

The young couple was still on the delayed train at 10:50am which wasn’t going to reach the destination for another couple of hours. The wedding that was suppose to take place at 11am seemed to become an absolute disappointment.

Just as all hope was lost, the train conductor did the unthinkable.

The couple and their relatives were relocated to an empty wagon where they could hold their wedding ceremony.

An unforgettable wedding ceremony took place like never before! The brother inlaw became the toast master, the conductor became the wedding MC, a warm and loving event took place in the middle of a freezing morning.




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