The benefits of studying in China

The benefits of studying in China


China being the fastest growing economy in the world, especially since holding the Olympics in 2008. Housing prices has gone up as much as 1000% in the past decade alone! People from all over the world are pouring in trying to take a piece of this rising super power.

Foreigners studying in China


In case you didn’t know, Chinese families value education more than anything in this country. Parent’s beating their kids towards achieving the necessary grades needed to get accepted into top institutions. Tsinghua University, Beijing Univeristy, Renming University, along with Beijing foreign studies University, are some of the best schools in China. These schools might not carry the prestige such as Harvard, MIT, and Oxford, but they are nonetheless the top schools in all of China/Asia, and place within the top 100 lists in the world!

China city for student

A new law has recently been past, where college students are eligible to receive internship visa while working on their college diplomas. This opens vast amount of opportunities for foreigners to set foot and establish themselves in China. People have the option to sign up for a language class which enables them to get a student visa, along with an internship visa. Students are recommended to go to class in the mornings and work in the afternoons and evenings, with some exceptions where students could choose to only take weekend classes, and work full time during the week, a lot of these choices are up to you!

BFSU beijing city study

If you are thinking about going to school in China, but is having a hard time choosing the right school. We would like you to consider the language learning schools, such as Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), and Beijing language and culture University (BLCU). Reason being aside from being highly ranked on paper, these types of schools carry a large number of foreign students, so they are experienced to assist you with any problem you might have, from housing to studying, to even forming your own circle of friends. China as you know has a lot of people, but with 99.9% of them being Chinese. So, it is essential for you to be in a school with a decent number of international students you could relate to, or you might just find yourself lost and lonely in the mostly populated country in the world.


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    What is the tuition? Chinese is a good language to learn!


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