Chinese old man’s Bank withdrawl.

Mr. Xu, an eighty-eight years old man from AnQing in Anhui province took a trip to the bank to withdraw his savings.

Yi Kuai One yuan

After being questioned by the clerk for his pin number and account balance, which Mr. Xu simply couldn’t come up answers for. The bank then decided to contact his relatives due to the balance being a relatively largenumber (98,000RMB).

He called his fourth son to the bank as he was responsible for helping set up Mr. Xu’s account, but he claimed he didn’t know the pin number, as it was set by his younger brother. The bank therefore had no choice but to contact Mr. Xu’s fifth son. Before you know it, the bank was filling up with Mr. Xu’s relatives.

Chinese man counting moneyFinally, Mr. Xu had the cash placed in front of him for his disposal, when the sons claimed it wasn’t wise for him to take the money as he would just squander it all.

Mr. Xu demanded to take the cash along with removing his pin number for the future.


Mr. Xu paid 5000 RMB to two people whose supported him through the process, and 100 RMB to everyone at the bank.


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  • November 6, 2017 at 6:01 am

    OMG, I need to go find myself an old guy like that!


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