Memorial Stamps of the 19th National Congress

Memorial Stamps for the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China

China with the largest population ranks the top in the number of collectors too.

Chinese communism party congress 2017 Stamp


Many people make a decent living just on collecting and selling antiques, jewelries, coins, and stamps.

A special type of stamps has been designed catering to the 19th National Congress of the communist Party of China, making it quite a collectible item for stamp collectors allover China.





People lined up outside post offices for as long as twenty hours just to be able to get their hands on a set. There is no other way around it as only a limit amount of these stamps was produced.Chinese communism party congress 2017 Stamps

For example, in Wenzhou in Zhejiang province, only 1200 sets of stamps are up for sale.

A set consists of two stamps along with a mini stamp for 8.4RMB, limited 2 sets per person.

Memorial Stamps China

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