How people might get deported from China

Reasons for deportation

1 – Not obeying the deadline date on the visa issued

2 – Disapproved reasons for entry

3 – False arrest,Working illegally

4 – Violating the law, committing some sort of a felony

Foreigner who violates one of the four regulations above could and might see himself being sent out of the country.
People who has been deported will be disallowed to set foot on the Chinese soil for as long as five years depending on the reason of his deportation.

A recent sample incident

At the intersection between Xiangheyuan Rd and Zuojiazhuang Rd in Chaoyang district Beijing, A foreign motorcyclist hit a woman crossing the street. Instead of getting off his bike to apologize, the man showed his aggravation by yelling Chinese obscenities to the woman. Many witnesses interpreted the incident claiming that the woman was the one attempting to scam money from the foreigner. But after reviewing the surveillance video, the authorities concluded that the foreigner did in fact hit the woman driving on the wrong side of the road.


The police later found the man was driving without a license, on an unregistered bike. The man was taken into custody for 7 days with a fine of 1500 RMB. Upon further investigation, the authorities had discovered both him and his father were working illegally. He received an additional 5 days in custody and a 5000 RMB fine, with his father receiving a 14 days jail time with a fine of 10,000 RMB, before having been deported. The authorities then had also given a 20,000 RMB fine to their employers for hiring illegal foreign employees.



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