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51LAOY is proud to introduce USTB to all you who are keen on getting a degree in Science, Technology, Construction, among other Engineering courses!

Why choose 51Laoy?

1. We work as part of the administration team from USTB, and will in return shorten the time frame of your administration process!

2. We will provide you with immediate responses to your inquiries usually within a single working day, whereas you might not get a response for weeks if you were to contact the school directly.

3. Just like our job hunting service, we only make a small cut from the employer/school and don’t collect a single penny from the client.Which means the service we provide you is 100% free!

So, what are you waiting for? Come get your top notch Chinese education!


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Who are you?

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Classic Student

I’m a high school graduate/current college student, looking to get my Bachelor/Master/P.H. D in China.

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Profile 2

Language Learner

I’m simply interested in Chinese culture and wish to pickup/improve on my Chinese during my trip to China.

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Profile 3

China Lover

I’m looking to experience life in China for a year and see where it will take me, I would like to study the language and make some money on the side to make a living.

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Profile 4

Job Seeker

I’m an adult with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, I’m looking for a job and possibly a long-term career in China.

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